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  • Filter/Datawriter Question

    I'm hoping someone can nudge (or drop-kick) me in the right direction here...

    I'm testing Mirth as a replacement for an existing ADT client interface which populates a database. The current interface allows me to execute a script on message receipt, and the script then does all that it needs to do.

    My understanding so far with Mirth is that the preferred way to do this would be set up filters on the channel for the various message types (A01, A02, etc...) then associate individual scripts for each of those filters to perform the desired actions.

    Am I on the right path here, or do I need to alter my thinking?

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    Re:Filter/Datawriter Question

    Yes, you have your steps correct.

    I'm working on converting two processes over to Mirth. The first one sends out email alerts when VIP's are registered. I am using a SQL database to provide the list of email recipients. So I have db reading down.

    Next I will be porting a result viewer. This time I will be writing the ADT & ORU information to an existing table.

    I'll share my progress with the forum.


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      Re:Filter/Datawriter Question


      It finally clicked for me once I figured out you can setup multiple destinations, with specific filters on each one. Quite different from what I'm used to...but I like it a lot better this way (at least once I learned Mirth-think).