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DICOM - Get the Time a acquisition starts and finishes

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  • DICOM - Get the Time a acquisition starts and finishes


    I am receiving some DICOM tags from the PACS in my Mirth Channel to integrate to another system. I want to get the right tag that an acquisition starts (I believe this is the DICOM study time (0008,0030) ), and the time the acquisition finishes. Is it possible to get reliable information from the DICOM tags about those times (start and finish)? Which tags should I consider ?

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    You would have to do a dicom dump on the raw files from the PACS to find out what tags are represented. It completely depends on the PACS and Modality that created the image. Not all DICOM files contain ALL the tags.
    The following tags deal with creation time/date:

    0018,9516 StartAcquisitionDateTime
    0018,9517 EndAcquisitionDateTime
    0008,002A AcquisitionDateTime
    0008,0030 StudyTime
    0008,0031 SeriesTime
    0008,0032 AcquisitionTime

    If the Modality supports MPPS (Modality Performed Procedure Step)
    you may see the following (more descriptive) tags:

    0040,0002 ScheduledProcedureStepStartDate
    0040,0003 ScheduledProcedureStepStartTime
    0040,0004 ScheduledProcedureStepEndDate
    0040,0005 ScheduledProcedureStepEndTime