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  • REST API - PUT codeTemplate

    Hi all!

    I am currently developing a web application that accesses different Mirth instances. I want to be able to import and export components like channels, code templates, channelgroups, as well as codeTemplateLibraries.
    For this purpose i rely on the REST API.

    I am consuming a lot of HTTP GET requests, which are working perfectly by now.
    The PUT for channels does also work fine.
    Still there was a problem that i ran into of which i hope you can help me with.

    When trying to PUT a code template, the server returns the status-code 200(OK), but when I try to access it in the desktop application( also in my own written application) the code template wont show up and it displays the old amount of codeTemplates, even after refresh and restart.
    STILL: I can access it via the REST API(which is weird because in my application it does not show up via REST).
    But when i try to import it manually in the desktop application it says : "The selected code template already exists in library "Library 1"."

    I cant seem to find the problem here, thanks for your help!
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    Did you ever resolve this issue? I'm experiencing a similar problem: when I put a code library using the REST API, I see the library in the UI but do not see the code templates that belong to that library.