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Stop & Start Channel based on Certain Conditions

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  • Stop & Start Channel based on Certain Conditions


    Can anyone suggest the best way to stop and start a channel based on a condition.

    In my case, I need to stop and start a channel if the queue message is > 0. The function will trigger once a message is received. So here's what I've tried:

    Here's what I have in the postprocessor of my channel:
    var cid = 'channel ID';
    if (ChannelUtil.getQueuedCount(cid) > 0) {'Stopping channel "' + ChannelUtil.getChannelName(cid) + '" due to queue count > 0');
         ChannelUtil.stopChannel(cid);'start channel func');
    Problem with this is that I don't know if channel was actually stopped before it was started again.

    I was looking for a delay, wait or pause function. So far I found the java.lang.Thread.sleep() function. But this holds the actual process which mean when the stop function triggers and you set a sleep after it, the channel status will sleep to "Stopping".

    Basically, to have an accurate trigger of events, I need to wait for the channels to have a state of "Stopped" before I trigger the start function. I searched for this again and found the "Future" java class. Below are some links about it:

    Unfortunately, I am not that familiar on the Java language. Does this Java class need to be compiled just like what is mentioned in this guide:

    I hope you can help me on this.

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    Nope, you don't need to compile anything yourself to use ChannelUtil. You can call get() to wait until the operation finishes:

    If you need to have a channel restart itself, then do it inside a separate thread:

    new java.lang.Thread({
        run:function() {
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      Thank you! Looks like you put me on the right track