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Average response time for a TCP/MLLP destination

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  • Average response time for a TCP/MLLP destination

    I am trying to find out how to get throughput timing on a TCP/MLLP destination to report, for example, average response time from the send to the ACK of an HL7 message send.
    I’ve searched all over and see some postings saying to use ChannelUtil – but I don’t see in that API how I would get the send time and the response time for each message and then manipulate that data. I do see the send and response times in the view messages UI so I know the data is there I just do not know the correct way to obtain it.
    Is this the correct approach? I would have expected this to be commonly requested – so please forgive me if I’ve missed the obvious or failed in my searches for existing solutions. I am brand new to mirth and learning mirth connect 3.4.
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    You may need to look at the database. There are tables that capture the Received_date, Send_date, and response_date. Thinking of the d_mm# table specifically.


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      This may give you what you need.