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Installing to headless linux server

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  • Installing to headless linux server

    Hey, this how I got Mirth rolling on my headless linux server... thought it *might* help others.

    Okay, server is a VMWare instance on a Win2k3 server. I've never been too wound up about guis, so I chose to use Debian since I'm quite familiar with it and really find it suitable for long term usage.

    Debian Etch was installed from the netboot iso using VMWares ability to boot an iso as a cdrom. This was done remotely, so it worked out fine. I ended up setting the IP to on the server with hostname mirthDebian. I chose standard system only. At this point I used dselect (use whatever you like) to root out all the stuff I didn't want, there was very little, as very little besided what it takes to run was installed. Openssh-server was installed. Using Etch-backports, postgresql-8.3 was also installed. the configs were adjusted to allow remote use via pgadminIII

    On my local Windows machine I installed PGAdminIII and setup a user "mirth" and a database "mirth"

    I also use a Solaris 10 desktop machine via a kvm at my local desktop; so using the Solaris machine, I sshed with X extensions to the mirthDebian desktop.

    If you don't know what this means, here's the gist. On localhost (solaris) I typed "xhost +" This allows the mirthDebian system to send information to my solaris desktop for display. On the remotehost (mirthDebian) I typed "export Display=" That ip is the ip of my solaris machine. Anyway, this tells the mirthDebian machine that it's xhost is instead of localhost. the 0.0 is the x display on the remote host.

    Okay, so cool, I have X display all setup, so I logged into the mirthDebian server as user mirth, and typed "java -jar mirth-" this takes me thru the setup and all goes well - it's installed to /home/mirth/Mirth on the mirthDebian server with the admin script. I ask the installer to update my menus because I want to see what's called to run the mirth administrator.

    Typing ~/Mirth/mirth-daemon start as user mirth starts the server and I'm able to browse to and download the Mirth Administrator java app. I can use and work with this just fine.

    Now... I want to set up the Postgresql database. I see no where to do this in the Mirth Administrator - it must be in that modified menu... hopefully.
    Nope, no such case : Mirth Shell, Start Mirth Server, Uninstall Mirth.
    None of these are gui ways to setup the database... no issue, they said in another topic that this can be done by editing, and importing the mirth sql for postgres into the database.

    Okay, I've imported the sql for the postgres database as the user mirth via ssh using this command: "psql mirth mirth < postgres-database.sql" the way I have my pg_hba.conf setup allows trust accounts for localhost (this is default for postgres anyway), so this is fast and convenient.

    So... lets see if this works as expected in

    there's a line in there that states database=derby
    changing that...
    to database=postgres

    now the user/pass etc. taking a quick look in the dir shows a file: which has all the goodies I need.

    So, this is changed to suit my installation - in this case my postgres-server is localhost - it's only for testing anyway.

    Now, keep in mind that when you swap databases - you lose any users and channels you'd setup - so... of course if you need to go back - change that database=postgres back

    make sure to bounce the app, and relogin. Should all be a clean install now.

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    Re:Installing to headless linux server

    admins, not sure why id double posted, please delete one of these threads... thanks!