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http uri filtering regexes?

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  • http uri filtering regexes?

    Hey there

    I was in the process of exposing an http end point to manage few translation values (key/value) for both my channels to use and another app to access. the http model or paradigm is rest. the end points are fairly simple (CRUD operations on a few tables).

    So far everything is good and impressively fast.

    However my questions is, is there a set of already existing example channels or templates to handle verification of contextpath? I am already successfully headers and query parameters.

    an example use case would be: for a request with GET method, if the contextpath is /translations/12345, then I need to extract the 12345 and use it for proper routing ...

    I did some searching in order to see if there is already regex code written that I can reuse, or if I am missing something from the code api but before starting to write regext extractors I figure I ask the forum...

    DB: postgresql


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    The question is vague.

    Are you talking about mirth hosted HTTP listener? Or an HTTP Sender? You want to consume an external API with different context paths? Please add more context.
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      dynamic uri/context path parsing/filtering

      Appoligies for delayed answer.
      In this case it is on an http listener, and I wanted to make sure that there isn't any method on the current classes already ready to help me out parse/validate context paths that would match something like: /patients/{atientid}/allergies/{:allergytype} where the both patientid and allergytype would end up in a channel map that can be validated and ulitmately included in a query...