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    I am getting this error: Session.connect: Prime size must be multiple of 64, and can only range from 512 to 1024 (inclusive) when trying to do a "Test Write" to an SFTP server in my File Writer Destination Channel

    I have verified with filezilla that i can sftp to the remote server from my mirth server (has no issues) but when i do the "Test Write" from within Mirth Connect, it gives me that above error message.

    My version of Java is 1.7 and supposedly Java 1.8 will resolve this. is there any other way without having to install Java 1.8?

    I have tried a few suggestions from some google searches, but with no luck.
    Seems that this specific to Mirth/java (my version is 3.4.1) as Filezilla connects to sftp server with no issues.

    any ideas?
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    Though I never encountered this problem while using SFTP writer myself, SO says that it is related to Java version less than 8.

    FileZilla must have patched this problem that is why it could work even with java 7, because it is a software designed for that purpose. So yeah, upgrading to Java 8 will solve your problems.
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