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  • Change NTE to OBX?

    I would like to figure out how I can change any NTE segment into an OBX. I have been currently just creating an OBX segment using the data from my NTE segment, but it is getting trickier in this new interface I am creating because now I have multiple OBRs and multiple NTEs. I just wondered if there was a way to change any NTE into an OBX. Does anyone know if this is possible?

    If I cannot simply change an NTE into an OBX how can I get the data from the OBR level NTE into an OBR level OBX? I can get one after the very first OBR, but I cannot figure out how to get one after each OBR using each OBR's NTE.
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    This may be helpful:
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      So, instead of renaming each NTE I decided to use getSegmentsAfter and insertChildAfter to create a new OBX after each OBR. Then, I move the value from NTE.3 to each new OBX. It is working, but only if there is only 1 NTE in each group. I am still working on how to get all of the NTE.3s (if there is more than one) under each OBR into 1 OBX.5. However, I think I am close.