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Jar error - is not a function, it is object.

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  • Jar error - is not a function, it is object.

    I am working with mirth 3.4.x and seem to be having issues.

    I loaded a jar file into the custom lib directory as I have seen in documents

    for RabbitMQ and seem to be getting the following error

    TypeError: [JavaPackage com.rabbitmq.client.ConnectionFactory] is not a function, it is object.

    My code is simply does the below so no reason why should be getting the above error. Does anyone know why

    From what i read Mirth doesn't need to be restarted.
    I also have read this article. The only thing i haven't done is recompile the source files into new jars. I happen to have them in this case but am trying to avoid compliing them. As it is always practical to have the source code.

    I would like someone to comment on what I am doing wrong. Thanks in advanced.

    var factory =  new com.rabbitmq.client.ConnectionFactory();
    var connection = new com.rabbitmq.client.Connection();
    var channel = new com.rabbitmq.client.Channel();
     channel.queueDeclare("myqueue", false, false, false, null);
        var messageid = "13";
        channel.basicPublish("", "myqueue", null, messageid .getBytes());
        System.out.println(" [x] Sent '" + messageid  + "'")

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    If you are adding a custom jar you will have to restart mirth. Beyond that it will be difficult for anyone to help you troubleshoot without access to the source code (or at least a snippet of the function in question) for your custom jar.


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      I actually had restarted mirth right after i posted this comment and again before responding to this post and still am getting the same error.

      Though I did read the version 3.4 that I have it isn't necessary to restart but rather just load/reload the jar/resource and everything should work.

      I did notice that the IDE in Mirth recognizes the classes with respect to the editor. However the error is still occurring when i send a message.

      In regard to my channel. My channel is all the code you see above in a destination. That is it. I am doing this for proof of concept so there isn't much to the channel . Just to see if i can connect to a queue.


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        refer to the documentation of RabbitMQ. The problem I see is in the constructor Initializer for rabbitmq.client.
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          Originally posted by tiskinty View Post
          If you are adding a custom jar you will have to restart mirth.
          This is not correct. The custom class loader loads it on the fly when you press reload resources.


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            I have resolved the problem. I made a bone head mistake....

            Even though I loaded jars for the classes as resources.

            I forgot to Set the resource as a dependency for the channel.

            After doing this resolved the issue.