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PDF Document Writer and base 64 encoded images

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  • PDF Document Writer and base 64 encoded images


    I've a channel that uses raw HTML code extracted from an Alfresco CMIS repository.
    It generates a PDF document using Document Writer.

    The HTML content embeds base 64 encoded images like the following :

    HTML Code:
    <img src=".../eHFbDTWk7BpiF0dgtNHQNd8IwRBpd5zzKA62znTEOjtFWqxwEO70hDZHj48hOXH1kqoe7M/IvTn+t2f7N69BLWX/T9o1DTxQX220lwhif0sbKmISBr8Y3gDyOCUB3Lf/MKb9U36gvusNaGNDWgBoGAB1BZQH//2Q==" style="height: 153px; width: 118px;"/>
    Everything works fine except images that do not appear in the PDF document.

    Is there a solution to make them displayed ?

    beforehand, thks

    PS : I'm using mirth 3.4.2

    Edit : I already asked for this 2 years ago in this thread :
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    It doesn't look like Mirth supports the Data URI method like this, but you could always write a temp file then reference it:

    var data = "[base64-encoded data]";
    var decoded = FileUtil.decode(data);
    var fileName = "temp.jpg";
    FileUtil.write(fileName, false, decoded);
    <img src="temp.jpg"/>
    Note #1: The base64 data that you posted doesn't seem to be valid.
    Note #2: When you don't put a path to the filename that is written to/read from, it will write in your Mirth path, so you might want to use /tmp/file.jpg or similar.

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