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  • Appliance v3.11

    We installed v3.11 on our MIRTH v1000 appliance.
    We have 3 appliances. 1 for testing/development and two which are the production clustered appliances.

    We installed it to the TEST with no issues.
    We then installed it onto our secondary node, scheduled a planned failover so that we could install it on the primary node. When we came to install it, we waited as there was a potential issue and a fix that needed applying. This was applied, with the assurance that it wouldn't occur in the next version - it was only users who had taken the first version of the update. V 3.11 has since been removed from the available upgrade due to errors.

    It since hasn't re-appeared for download - and were running a clustered environment on two different versions. Anyone else got any ideas on how to get these two both running on the same version as there doesn't seem to be a release date for the new & improved v3.11.

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    We've got 2 of the appliances and got bitten by the issue. Support did come through and resolve but, like you, we're currently on different control panel versions. I'm sure they're taking their time to ensure the issue is resolved before the next update comes out.