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    Is there a way to get a list of all ports that have been setup to listen on or send to in MC?

    I work for a company who has a LOT of channels setup and they have an extremely poor way of cataloging the port assignments.

    Thank you!

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    Well may be you can achieve that at command prompt using this command (for windows)

    netstat -abno

    which will give something like this

    TCP [::]:6661 [::]:0 LISTENING 3068
    TCP [::]:8080 [::]:0 LISTENING 3068
    TCP [::]:8082 [::]:0 LISTENING 3068
    TCP [::]:8090 [::]:0 LISTENING 3068
    TCP [::]:8443 [::]:0 LISTENING 3068

    Slightly neater method is to use resource monitor. Type in resmon.exe go to network section. It is a native windows utility.
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      Thank you for the reply but our server is hosted with Mirth and I don't have console access. I was hoping there was some sort of magic wand I could wave and get the desired results.



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        Ran into this as well. We use the Notes in the channel to list the port. That way we can sort by it, and see gaps in ports numbers.
        It's part of the channel, so it would be in the extracted channel XML files.

        Neither way is clean or easy, but at least the information is there.


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          I use this to pull port #'s for Source and destination channels as well as IP's and a lot of other useful information. Check it out!


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            If you go to Settings->Backup Config then save the xml file somewhere like C:\tmp

            Then drop the attached file here into the same directory (knock off the .xml so the file is rePORT.xsl). Open up your config backup in a text editor and add this line at the very top:

            <?xml-stylesheet type="text/xsl" href="rePORT.xsl"?>
            Then save and close it. Then open up the backupconfig in internet Explorer (not had much luck with Chrome and we have to use IE for our environment), and it will give you output similar to below. I've blacked out channel names and profile names from browser address bar.
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