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    I am attempting to connect Postgres to Mirth Connect. After few initial hiccups, I was able configure it in Mirth Connect Server Manager, restarted Mirth Services. Post restarting the service, I get a clean Mirth Connect - all the channels are gone - clean slate.

    I followed the steps provided below:

    Is there a bug or is there something I did not do correctly?

    Also how do I recover the old channels?
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    The issue was with Switching the DB from Derby to POSTGRE. Had to migrate the data.


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      When you made the switch, mirth created its own structured DB on Postgre. So its in clean state now.

      If you are worried about your existing channel data, that might still be available on its default location where derby was residing, in the appdata folder inside mirth connect folder.

      You can re-point to the previous db and get your channels back.

      To Re-point
      open mcmanager(tray icon) ->Database tab->select derby and use this setting jdbc:derby:${dir.appdata}/mirthdb;
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