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SFTP Write Dynamic folders with host keys

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  • SFTP Write Dynamic folders with host keys

    Hello all,

    I am using Mirth

    I have a situation where I need to connect to an SFTP server and write a new folder based on date and copy a file into this location. I have looked over the forums and I see some examples using jsch but all the examples I have found are using username/password only, none that I have found use private/public keys.

    Could someone point me to an example of jsch using keys or even better if there is a more elegant way to address this situation in the newer versions of Mirth point me to those examples.

    Thank you for your time.

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    you don't need to go all complicated to use sftp. Select a file writer connector in Destination.Method as sftp, and then click on the wrench icon next to it. You have to specify the absolute path of the public key.ppk file.
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