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Problems with SMB in File Writer

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  • Problems with SMB in File Writer

    Can anyone share their experience using the SMB mode in File Writer Connectors to perhaps help me? I have been trying to use this over the last few month to write small PDF files from Mirth Connect running on Linux to Windows Servers. I see lots of time variation, some files are being generated in a few seconds, and some may take two or three minutes. It does not appear to be a problem restricted to one or two servers. I'm also seeing 0kb files produced and errors.
    When you click the 'test connection' in the channel definition sometimes it takes ages to return the successful connection message.
    Any suggestions?

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    Do you need authentication to access the shares on the Windows Server? If yes, AD/LDAP Users? Or local accounts?


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      I'm using a windows domain account and password for authentication. This account has full permissions on the directories I am writing to. It just takes ages!


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        Seems, to me, that there are connection issues between the Linux machine and Windows Servers. Check with the network team and server admins to verify all settings are correct. Just my luck it would be "oh we missed a checkbox in the settings on Windows server x".