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Auto-generated response for non-HL7

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  • Auto-generated response for non-HL7

    I have read elsewhere here that the "Source Queue ON" setting along with "Auto-generate (before processing) only works with HL7.

    I wanted to know if there has been any change in this, or if someone else has devised a solution.

    I have a sender and receiver that are exchanging XML messages. It's essentially an XML wrapper with the original message (which may or may not be HL7, dpending on the source) base 64 encoded inside of it.

    I need much better throughput, so I want to have "Source Queuing" ON, and to automatically send a response to the sender to indicate that we have received it. But, since the messages are not HL7, the auto-generated response is not correct and so I get sporadic errors on the sender side.

    On the sender side, I want timeouts to automatically requeue.

    Is there someway I can construct an HL7 ACK response in the preprocessor? Or what happens when you're not using MLLP, but just a plain TCP connection? Would that be more appropriate?


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    If the messages are not HL7, what kind of response is the sender expecting? Do they expect a response at all?


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