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SMB with Azure File Storage

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  • SMB with Azure File Storage

    Has any one tried accessing Azure file storage using smb File reader?

    More details about Azure file storage here.

    Since I could not make it work using native SMB file reader. I used libraries provided by microsoft(see the java tab in above link for more details, will share mirth transformer code shortly); though would like the native thing to work

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    If you want to work with an Azure storage system, there is a java library from azure with the name of microsoft-windowsazure-api-0.4.6.

    The installation is easy, You need to upload/add it inside your mirth/custom-lib/lib folder and then restart.

    And then, you can try setting up the smb file reader as you want.
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      Using the library from MS...but not sure how to use smb reader

      I am already using the library as an alternative

      However I think the smb reader won't be able to use them. Would they?
      Out of box smb reader - I could not make it work with the azure storage..

      Here's the current code I am using...

      // get the jar files from github and include them as dependencies
      // Configure the connection-string with your values
      SERVER_NAME = "resource111111";
      ACCOUNT_KEY = "verylonggibberishstring";
      SHARE_NAME = "rootshare";//rootdirectory on your server
      storageConnectionString =
          "DefaultEndpointsProtocol=http;" +
          "AccountName="+SERVER_NAME+";" +
      s1 = new,ACCOUNT_KEY);
      // Use the CloudStorageAccount object to connect to your storage account
      try {
          storageAccount = new;
      } catch (invalidKey) {
          // Handle the exception

      // Create the file storage client.
      fileClient = storageAccount.createCloudFileClient();
      // Get a reference to the file share
      share = fileClient.getShareReference(SHARE_NAME);
      //Get a reference to the root directory for the share.
      rootDir = share.getRootDirectoryReference();
      transfer = function(inpath,outpath){
      	mydir = rootDir.getDirectoryReference(inpath);
      	list1 = mydir.listFilesAndDirectories();
      		try { 
      		} catch (e) {
      inpath="sourcefolder/subfolder"; //give the folder name on azure
      outpath="C:/Localfolder/"; // local folder. add extra / at end


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        Did you try creating File Reader with smb as a method? I think it should work after you upload that library.
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          Tried your suggestion... but no conenction...

          How will the smb reader know to use MS libraries?


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            Does the Microsoft-specific library do anything special on top of the SMB protocol? If so, then it makes sense that the standard File Reader doesn't work.
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