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Create a PKZip File and FTP

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  • Create a PKZip File and FTP


    I have a requirement to create a CCDA File and zip it using PKZIP and then FTP it to a particular location.
    I am using Mirth 3.4 version and below is what i have done.
    1. Created a channel with a destination that creates a CCDA file.
    2. Created a second destination to read the CCDA file(created by destination one) and zip it. I used a java program to do this.

    Now i am stuck on how to ftp the file which is created in the second destination.

    Am i on right track.

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    We had a similar situation couple of months back. We created a different channel and used a File Reader as binary to pickup the zip file and write it to sftp drive in binary mode.

    We did try to accommodate everything under one channel, however it was just getting complicated. So we made the split.
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