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WebClient returns emtpy response

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  • WebClient returns emtpy response

    Hello Community,

    Mirth Connect Admin, JAVA 8

    i build a HTTP Listener Channel in Mirth and it's only purpose is: send the incoming Message to another Channel. That's not the problem and it was way to easy to build soming like this.
    I tried to send an HTTP Request via C# WebClient-Class and the Message is received perfecty. The only thing that doesn't work is the response. At least i need to get the 200 or 500 as response but it's always empty. I tried every auto-gernerated response and the Soure Queue ON but nothing help.
    I thought the C# WebClient-Class dosen't work and tested it with other Post request and i got responses. So there need to be something that i overlooked in the Channel Configuration.

    Hopfully one of you can help me out. Thanks.
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    I got it working for me with a simple PostProcessor script:
    var res = responseMap.get("d1");
    return res.getStatus().toString();

    But I should get the standard Reponse without that postporcessor response, or am i wrong?


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      Get Transfomed Message from the HTTP Sender/Channel Connector

      With PostProcessor we get only the message id, not complete transformed message.

      Anyone help me on how to get the complete transformed message HTTP Sender/Channel connector.

      Or Any other way to get the transformed message.

      Attached the Channel file
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