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  • XML to X12

    I am a new Mirth user. Currently I have set up an XML to X12 channel. The channel is working fine, but the X12 message that coms out has 2 problems:

    1. The end of line character is a ~ (I would like it blank)
    2. The Segment Header is on a separate line than the segments

    AN example segment showing both problems is below:

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    Re:XML to X12

    The issue with the new line was due to the inbound XML - still have a problem with the ~

    I see the segment delimiter in the properties, but I want that to just be a new line


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      Re:XML to X12

      This issue is closed - the problem was not with using a \r in the segment delimiter, but that Java does not save the changes unless you actually move focus away from the change. So when I made the change and it appeared not to work I was looking for why. It actually did work - once I got it to save.

      For anyone else having a problem with changing configurations like this, please make sure to hit the TAB key after making a change so that java will realize you made one and commit the change.