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Outbound SOAP Destination over SSL

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  • Outbound SOAP Destination over SSL

    Hi all,

    Can someone answer definitively whether Mirth connect supports (natively) an outbound SOAP Destination with SSL?

    We have the community version of Mirth and a client site has enabled SSL over the target application (IIS)

    I know I can probably achieve it with stunnel or some such, but that's not what is currently implemented. I would like to know for sure before I go off down a path of other software etc.

    I read in the unofficial guide that HTTPS is not supported in the free version. I figure this is the best place to confirm that.

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    I utterly failed to search properly for an answer to this.

    It seems it is possible to achieve SSL just with less management ability in the free version.

    I do have one question though.

    In the free version, the "default java truststore" will be used. What determines the default truststore to the Mirth Connect service.

    I see other tickets where an OP has put certs into every truststore he can find in all his JREs and in Mirth. I'd like to select the correct one from the get go, just not sure what Mirth will select:- Its own or the one in the JRE its running under.

    Thank you.


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      With a mirth outbound dest calling SOAP on a Windows IIS server, my only option at the moment (I think) was to create a self signed certificate. Export it and import it to the jre cacerts converting it via keytool.

      The WSDL binding is unable to get to the HTTPS url.

      I am unsure if the certificate chain is wrong or if mirth is not seeing the cacerts store.

      I also tried puttygen to create a key pair but the IIS server does not import the private key part successfully.

      I tried importing cert on the client in the cacerts file and via internet options/content/certificates.

      A browser session to the SSL enable IIS site shows it as "broken" HTTPS - I assume because its not coming from a valid CA. What I don't know about that is whether or not that is also interfering with Mirth getting to the HTTPS URL.

      I am very aware that, that is an awful lot of parts I don't know nearly enough about!

      Anyone have any tips? There's a virtual beer at the very least in it for you


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        This was eventually resolved by importing a full certificate into the java cert store and setting the WSDLS to use https.


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          This is sooo much easier to look after in the commercial version... time to build a business case!