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"Process Batch" problem

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  • "Process Batch" problem


    I have a question:

    I have an LLP channel which takes an HL7-Message including many MSH-Segments. I wrote in this Forum I have to use Batch Process in order Mirth to interpret all the MSHs separately. The problem is batch processing changes my OBX-Segments:

    A segment that Mirth gets should look like this:
    OBX|1|NM|001000^VITAL HR||78|bpm|-||||O|||20080325135430|||

    And after Batch-Processing my OBX-Segment looks like this:
    OBX|1|NM|1^VITAL HR||78|bpm|-||||O|||2832513543|||0

    Obviously Batch Processing cuts some data from the Message away. :huh:

    Do you know how to fix this problem?




    This is how my channel looks like:

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    Re:"Process Batch" problem

    Manually send a single message to it, and see if it has the same behavior. I looked at the code, and there's no logic being done on the content of what it is reading in during batch processing. Also, post your channel and messages, or else no one can really help you.
    Brendan Haverlock | Mirth Software Engineer | Mirth Corporation


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      Re:"Process Batch" problem

      Also set "Use Strict LLP" to on. Let me know if this changes the behavior or fixes the problem...
      Jacob Brauer
      Director, Software Development
      NextGen Healthcare



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        Re:"Process Batch" problem

        Hello brendanh,

        I played with the LLP Channel setting "LLP Frame Encoding ASCII <--> Hex" and this fixed the problem. Do you find any logic there? Why does this setting change my hl7-message? All other settings are the same as before.

        Thank you


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          Re:"Process Batch" problem

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            Re:"Process Batch" problem

            Please, could you post attached example files with your messages ?


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              Re:"Process Batch" problem

              Hello jakobb,

              After setting "Use Strict LLP" to ON I don't get any message anymore but changing ASCII <--> Unicode fixed the Problem

              Thanks for your help


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                albertosaez wrote:
                Please, could you post attached example files with your messages ?
                Here are my attachements:

                the messages I get after batch processing in Mirth are:

                MSH|^~&|NK HL7|NIHON KOHDEN HL7|MEDITECH ID|MEDITECH NAME|||ORU^R01|20080328124436|P|2.3.1||||||ASCII|| ASCII0
                OBX|1|NM|1^VITAL HR||78|bpm|-||||O|||28328124436|||0
                OBX|2|NM|2^VITAL VPC|||/min|-||||O|||28328124436|||0
                OBX|3|NM|31^VITAL ST2||-.5|mV|-||||O|||28328124436|||0
                OBX|4|NM|7^VITAL SpO2||99|%|-||||O|||28328124436|||0
                OBX|5|NM|71^VITAL PR(spo2)||78|/min|-||||O|||28328124436|||0
                OBX|6|NM|27^VITAL TEMP||36.4|C|-||||O|||28328124436|||0
                OBX|7|NM|28^VITAL TEMP2||33.4|C|-||||O|||28328124436|||0
                OBX|8|NM|37^VITAL dT1||3.|C|-||||O|||28328124436|||0
                OBX|9|NM|44^VITAL ART(S)||175|mmHg|-||||O|||28328124436|||0
                OBX|1|NM|441^VITAL ART(D)||136|mmHg|-||||O|||28328124436|||0
                OBX|11|NM|442^VITAL ART(M)||15|mmHg|-||||O|||28328124436|||0
                OBX|12|NM|52^VITAL PAP(S)||39|mmHg|-||||O|||28328124436|||0
                OBX|13|NM|521^VITAL PAP(D)||2|mmHg|-||||O|||28328124436|||0
                OBX|14|NM|522^VITAL PAP(M)||27|mmHg|-||||O|||28328124436|||0
                OBX|15|NM|53^VITAL CVP(S)||31|mmHg|-||||O|||28328124436|||0
                OBX|16|NM|531^VITAL CVP(D)||12|mmHg|-||||O|||28328124436|||0
                OBX|17|NM|532^VITAL CVP(M)||19|mmHg|-||||O|||28328124436|||0
                OBX|18|NM|58^VITAL ICP(S)||14|mmHg|-||||O|||28328124436|||0
                OBX|19|NM|581^VITAL ICP(D)||2|mmHg|-||||O|||28328124436|||0
                OBX|2|NM|582^VITAL ICP(M)||6|mmHg|-||||O|||28328124436|||0
                OBX|21|NM|727^VITAL rPR(spo2)||78|/min|-||||O|||28328124436|||0

                MSH|^~&|NK HL7|NIHON KOHDEN HL7|MEDITECH ID|MEDITECH NAME|||ORU^R01|20080328124431|P|2.3.1||||||ASCII|| ASCII0
                OBX|1|NM|1^VITAL HR||78|bpm|-||||O|||2832812443|||0
                OBX|2|NM|2^VITAL VPC|||/min|-||||O|||2832812443|||0
                OBX|3|NM|31^VITAL ST2||-.2|mV|-||||O|||2832812443|||0
                OBX|4|NM|4^VITAL RESP||13|/min|-||||O|||2832812443|||0
                OBX|5|NM|41^VITAL APSEC(RESP)||1|sec|-||||O|||2832812443|||0
                OBX|6|NM|45^VITAL rRESP(inp)||13|/min|-||||O|||2832812443|||0
                OBX|7|NM|5^VITAL RESP||13|/min|-||||O|||2832812443|||0
                OBX|8|NM|51^VITAL APSEC(RESP)||1|sec|-||||O|||2832812443|||0
                OBX|9|NM|7^VITAL SpO2||96|%|-||||O|||2832812443|||0
                OBX|1|NM|71^VITAL PR(spo2)||8|/min|-||||O|||2832812443|||0
                OBX|11|NM|27^VITAL TEMP||36.4|C|-||||O|||2832812443|||0
                OBX|12|NM|62^VITAL PRESS(S)||143|mmHg|-||||O|||2832812443|||0
                OBX|13|NM|621^VITAL PRESS(D)||26|mmHg|-||||O|||2832812443|||0
                OBX|14|NM|622^VITAL PRESS(M)||68|mmHg|-||||O|||2832812443|||0
                OBX|15|NM|727^VITAL rPR(spo2)||8|/min|-||||O|||2832812443|||0

                Thank you
                this_is_my_message_before_mirth.hl7 (2704 bytes)

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                  This is strange.

                  The file you've attached is not trully a BATCH file, as the MSH segments are divided by the HL7 terminator separators:

                  (HL7 1º Message)<0x0d><0x1c><0x0d><0x0d><0x0a>(HL7 2º Mesage)

                  Batch messages are serparated by <0x0d>,as normal segments.
                  So, really, I don't know why is working.