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  • Alerts upgrade

    Does anyone know if there are any planned changes to alerting in future versions of Mirthconnect.
    We have a number of destinations that connect via TCP where the downstream system regularly goes into "energy saving" mode and we queue the messages.

    We have an alert set up to notify us when the connection is down - but because of this feature we're getting alerted all the time.

    A feature that allows an alert to be sent xminutes AFTER the original trigger if it is still occuring, but not on the actual trigger would be great. i.e. send us an alert only if the destination connection has been down for more than 30minutes. but not every time it goes down.

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    That is already completely possible with Advanced Alerting. For each action group you can set a wait period so that at most 1 e-mail will be sent within a certain elapsed time, even if you're constantly getting triggers. More info here:
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      Great thanks we've amended this to 15m. Fingers crossed that should reduce the frequency of email alerts.

      Would selecting "keep connection open" in the TCP settings also reduce the frequency of these messages? or would it give a false positive in that the connection would always look open and we wouldn't be alerted at all?