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Reprocessing messages in Mirth 3.1.1

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  • Reprocessing messages in Mirth 3.1.1

    I'm trying to determine if there's any way to figure out if the message currently in my source connector is a reprocessed message. In this version I don't have the sourceMap variables for reprocessed and replaced. If I reprocess a single message, I can inject a sourceMap variable from the admin console, but I don't have that option when reprocessing multiple results.

    My setup includes 2 channels, the first injects a timestamp into the sourceMap of the second. During reprocess, I want to overwrite that timestamp with the current time. Unfortunately, I can't seem to find anything in any map or attribute of the message that specifies if this is a first pass or a reprocess.

    Any ideas?

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    In case someone comes looking for an answer to this, I confirmed with Mirth support that there is no way to do this in Mirth Connect 3.1.1. What I need is only available in 3.2, and perhaps older versions that have unpatched bugs in getReceivedDate.