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MirthConnect Admin - Fast Switching Between Servers

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  • MirthConnect Admin - Fast Switching Between Servers

    Greetings all, I'm new to this thread and though I've searched for my answer, I'll acknowledge I may have missed it so please point me to the proper thread if this question is redundant.

    I work for a Healthcare IT vendor that uses Mirth as part of our deployment for each customer. So every customer has an instance of Mirth server running and throughout the day I often need to use MirthConnect Administrator (MCA) to view and control the interface engines on each client's individual implementation. Some of these Mirth servers are in the cloud and some of them are on premises with the customer and few of them are at the exact same version of Mirth (as an example, I've connected to a environment and a environment this morning. I often times have to switch networks for these connections so I might be VPNd in to customer A using MCA, disconnect, VPN in to customer B and use MCA, then need to go back to MCA for customer A (or move on to customer C).

    I am wondering if there is a way to configure my PC (Win 7) to have dropdown connection options that allow me to quickly switch between versions and servers? Currently I have to close MirthConnect Admin, click on the link for MCA, wait quite a while for it to try to reach the server that I initially downloaded the software from (which often isn't available on the network I'm currently connected to), change the connection options to the actual server I want to reach, and pray that the version of software I launched is compatible with the server I am trying to reach.

    Not a brief post, I know, but hopefully it is comprehensive enough to clearly explain my problem. Thanks in advance for any pointers or advice!

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    If you're connecting to multiple servers of the same version and the same extensions installed, then you should be able to just logout and login, changing the URL and credentials. No need to close the client and re-launch the whole thing in that case.

    Otherwise if you're connecting to different servers, unfortunately yeah right now you do have to re-launch. The reason is that the Administrator is a fat client, and the resources necessary to launch it are different from version to version, and also depending on the extensions you have installed.
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    Always include what Mirth Connect version you're working with. Also include (if applicable) the code you're using and full stacktraces for errors (use CODE tags). Posting your entire channel is helpful as well; make sure to scrub any PHI/passwords first.

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