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Filewriter outputs only first record

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  • Filewriter outputs only first record

    My simple channel source reads an HL7 ADT text file with about 10 patient records in it.

    The destination outfile.txt should contain the extracted MRNs (PID) only.

    For some reason it's only writing to outfile.txt the first patient record of my HL7 file.

    Am I wrong to think it should iterate through each HL7 record?
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    You want to make sure two items are set I think.

    First on the source make sure you have checked Process Batch assuming the connector type is a file reader.

    On the destination assuming it is a file writer make sure you have 'File Exists' set to 'Append'.


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      I made change #1 as requested (Process Batch) and confirmed 'File Exists' is set to Append. I updated the Channel definition attachment (HL7_TEST_2.xml).

      Unfortunately, still the same result. The MRN of only the first patient record is getting appended to the outfile.txt


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        I just tested your channel and it worked fine. At first I thought maybe it was the end of line characters not formatted right but testing with windows format, unix format and mac form, the messages were picked up just fine. Sorry could not be more help.


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          Thanks. That's good to know. My problem seems to be extracting the MRN element and appending it to a text file.


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            I got this to work...

            #1 Process as a batch.
            #2 Get a better understanding of 'Output Message Template Tree' and Templates in general.

            Steep learning curve (mainly UI navigation) for noobs. Otherwise, works as expected. Thank you, everyone that bothered to look at this thread. I appreciate us noobs can be high maintenance.