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Importing HL7 messages from prune files

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  • Importing HL7 messages from prune files

    Good morning,

    During the development of our new service and new channel we received messages from a sender to have these messages stored. They were stored in HL7 (as we received them from the sender) in .txt files (one file per day). Now I want to import these messages to our channel and send it to our web service, which update our database and generate an medical report from a specific field contained in the message.

    I read in previous posts that the CLI command "importmessages" just imports xml serialized messages to the channel. Additionally, once them imported, I am not sure the channel send them automatically to the destination.

    So, basically, I want to use these .txt files (with the HL7 messages) and send them again to to my channel in order to redirect them to the final destination. As when I right-click on the channel and select "Send Message" and a window called "Message" opens and there I can click in "Open Text File" to load my .txt file and click to "Process Message" to send then to my channel. I want to automatized this process in the CLI since I have 51 .txt. file with more then 2k HL7 messages.

    Any idea? I would really appreciate that!
    Thank you!

    Henrique Amaral

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    Maybe I'm underthinking this and wanting to oversimplify the process, but why can't you do a file reader connector to read in the file and parse out each message and then send the messages to the appropriate destination?


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      Your suggestion works perfectly for my problem. Thank you!