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DB values are reading continuosly

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  • DB values are reading continuosly

    Hey, i'm trying to read the data from Mysql DB and insert it into Hl7 xml ccda. The values are contionusly read from the DB. I adjusted the polling time around 100000 still Mirth is reading the DB continuosly and inserting the values. How to reduce/stop this? I'm using mirth 3.0.X version.

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    Every time the Database Reader polls it will perform your query, and then process all rows that return from the query. That interval specifies how often to perform the query, not how often to process rows.

    If you want to process fewer rows per poll, consider adding a LIMIT clause to your query.
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    Always include what Mirth Connect version you're working with. Also include (if applicable) the code you're using and full stacktraces for errors (use CODE tags). Posting your entire channel is helpful as well; make sure to scrub any PHI/passwords first.

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