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How to getting 'Polling' status of a channel

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  • How to getting 'Polling' status of a channel

    Good morning Gents,

    I need your lights. Does anyone know how to get the event "Polling" of a connector ? Currently I can see this information in Dashboard Menu - Connection Log Tabulation - Connector Info Field.

    This information seems not be in the Database of Mirth, so I presume that information is somewhere else, but I don't know where looking. I also looked at JavaScript Class of Mirth to get this, but I didn't find anything.

    Just in case, my purpose is to monitor each time that a channel run.

    Any ideas ??? Thank you in advance for your help.

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      Could you just have a transformer write the date/time to a log file or logger or global map? The transformer would fire when the poll happens. What is the full use case?
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        Hi mcalKno,

        First, thank you for your reply.

        What I want is to know each time that a channel has running (or get simply the last run by channel).

        Sometimes, some channel has no source file, so no message to proceed and that's why I cannot use the transformer.

        If I want to have a check on the last run of our channels is because sometimes, one or multiple channel stop working while that all are OK and status on ready. Currently, my work arround is to stop and restart the channel in the dashboard. But to be proactive, I need to know if it run or no

        If you have any idea or solution will be very helpful.

        Thank you in advance......... Rgds


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          Hi Everybody,

          Now with the following code, I can get the last status of the channel, but I need also to get the timestamp that correspond. How can I get it ?

          Your help will be very appreciated....


          var defController =;
          var monitor = defController.getServicePlugins().get(;
          var states = monitor.invoke('getStates', null, null);
          status = states.get('channelID' + '_0')[1];


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            Help Please...

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