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Deal With Http Sender Response Data

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  • Deal With Http Sender Response Data

    Hi, I'm not able to deal with data retrieved from ASP.NET WEB API service.

    The goal I have: retrieve multiple models from WEP API service, transform it to multiple HL7 messages (the count of messages is equal to items (models) received from WEB API) and send them to some shared place (over FileWriter).

    What I have tried:
    1. Prepared 'JavaScript Reader' as source connector and returns there some custom string value.
    2. Prepared two destinations:
    2.1. Destination 1 - HTTP Sender: method - GET, response content - XML Body, parse multipart - Yes. Then included first root node of XML into transformer outbound message template and added one of the field to channel map (from the sample attached XML I took 'GivenName').
    2.2. Destination 2 - File Writer: Set transformer outbound message template just a simple HL7 v2.x data type message ('PID||||') and mapped into one of a field channel variable set in the first destination.

    The workflow above doesn't work. I'm using Mirth Connect v. The sample XML file is attached below.

    Any one have experienced similar issue? May someone can provide me a sample channel or resource, where I could get more detailed info about ASP.NET WEB API service calling (as a GET and as a POST - I need both).

    Appreciated a lot of any discussion.
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