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    We are one Company/TaxID but have 2 Billing systems, so when we receive our Remits from the payers, the single remit file contains payments for both billing systems. We can identify where the payment needs to be posted by the ticket number in field CLP.01.1. The ticket numbers for one database begin with L and the other begins with a C.

    I need to split the remit into 2 separate 835 files(1 for each database) based on the ticket number, and I was going to attempt to use Mirth for this.
    I noticed that mirth doesn't allow processing the EDI files as a batch, so it looks like I will probably need to create a JavaScript transformer to loop through the remit file and create 2 separate files.

    I wanted to check the forum and see if anyone already has any javascript they are using to do something similar, that they are willing to share?
    If not, any guidance in how to identify the segments pertaining to each ticket would be helpful.

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    I am needing almost exactly the same thing you are describing. Any luck getting it to split correctly?
    I have a way to loop through all the segments and write the segment name to an e-mail. I was also able to delete the CLP Segment, but still researching which segments go together, so I can delete the whole loop.
    I was planning on deleting all the Company A ID's and creating Company B's file and on another destination, deleting all Company B ID's and creating Company A's file.