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Soap Sender Channel mucking with xml message

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  • varun
    Re:Soap Sender Channel mucking with xml message

    What if the channel setup accepts the incoming data as HL7 v2.x and transform the data to XML format? The transformed data looks like

    <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?><HL7Message><MSH><MSH.1>|</MSH.1><MSH.2>^~\&amp;</MSH.2><MSH.3></MSH.3><MSH.4><MSH.4.1>.</MSH.4.1></MSH.4><MSH.5></MSH.5><MSH.6></MSH.6><MSH.7><MSH.7.1>199908180016</MSH.7.1></MSH.7><MSH.8></MSH.8><MSH.9><MSH.9.1>ADT</MSH.9.1><MSH.9.2>A04</MSH.9.2></MSH.9><MSH.10><MSH.10.1>ADT.1.1698593</MSH.10.1></MSH.10><MSH.11><MSH.11.1>P</MSH.11.1></MSH.11><MSH.12><MSH.12.1>2.1</MSH.12.1></MSH.12></MSH><PID><PID.1><PID.1.1>1</PID.1.1></PID.1><PID.2></PID.2><PID.3><PID.3.1>777</PID.3.1></PID.3><PID.4></PID.4><PID.5><PID.5.1>Salma</PID.5.1><PID.5.2>Hayek</PID.5.2><PID.5.3>J</PID.5.3><PID.5.4></PID.5.4><PID.5.5></PID.5.5><PID.5.6></PID.5.6></PID.5><PID.6></PID.6><PID.7><PID.7.1>19880517180606</PID.7.1></PID.7><PID.8><PID.8.1>F</PID.8.1></PID.8><PID.9></PID.9></PID></HL7Message>

    How can i send it using SOAP Sender, if its method accepts a string parameter? SOAP Envelope looks like:
    <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-16"?>
    <soap:Envelope xmlns:soap="" xmlns:soapenc="" xmlns:xsi="" xmlns:xsd="">
    <GetXmlFromMirth xmlns="">
    <strXML>This is the place where we have to pass the value. How will we fill the value over here? What will be the javascript code, if its required</strXML>

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  • chrisl
    Re:Soap Sender Channel mucking with xml message

    Get rid of the outbound template - does that help? Mirth always sends the outbound template as-is if not explicitly transformed.

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  • coolcajun
    started a topic Soap Sender Channel mucking with xml message

    Soap Sender Channel mucking with xml message

    I have a channel setup that accepts incoming XML data. It is basically a pass-through to the SOAP sender because I have been having problems with the SOAP sender.

    The issue I am having right now with the Soap Sender is that it is mucking with the original xml message. I do have a transformer setup on the source(a file reader). I pasted the same sample xml message on both the incoming data and outgoing data. It is making the following transformation:

    Raw Message: <HL7Message><MSH><MSH.1>|</MSH.1><MSH.2>...

    Transformed Message: <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?><HL7Message><<HL><<HL.1><<HL.1.1>Message&gt;&lt;MSH&gt;&lt;MSH .1&gt;|&lt;/MSH.1&gt;&lt;

    I would like no transformation to occur but I can't seem to configure Mirth to do this. I know there is a way to add steps on the message builder transformer but I haven't found a good tutorial on it.