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Mirth Support for XDS.b Functionality over SOAP?

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  • Mirth Support for XDS.b Functionality over SOAP?

    Hi there,

    I'm trying to create a Mirth channel that will accept XDS.b messages sent from Allscripts Pro and respond with a correct acknowledgement message. Specifically, these messages are attempting to carry out the ProvideAndRegisterDocumentSet operation.

    So far, I've tried to do this with an HTTP Listener that basically just pretends to be a full fledged SOAP service. I'm sending back a response that looks like it should work, but I think I'm running into some kind of issue with header formatting, whitespace, or something similarly tough to debug because the source system gives little useful information.

    Since this hasn't worked so far, I'm wondering if I should try to implement an actual Web Service connector that would genuinely be performing the XDS.b operations instead of just pretending to. I've googled and searched the forums, but haven't come up with anything promising yet. Don't want to reinvent the wheel.

    Since this is such a common health care operation, does anyone know if there's already a channel template or java web service file out there that can provide this functionality?

    tl;dr: Does Mirth have support for XDS.b messages? Is there a way to handle them without coding the entire service from scratch?

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    I have the exact same requirement and question(s). Did you ever get this implemented?

    I basically have to create a Mirth channel that will accept messages coming in via XDS.b's ProvideAndRegister method, and provide a response to the sending system.

    If anyone has any info on this topic, please share.



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      See my thread with sample PnR channel and sample message. Able to accept the CCD from Allscripts PRO, but it does not parse out to Mirth Results as it should, I think its a stylesheet issue.