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Receiving PDF files base64 encoded

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  • Receiving PDF files base64 encoded

    Hi all,

    I'm receiving lab results splitted in many segments that contain a file in PDF format coded in base64 . At this point I can concatenate all pieces generating the entire coded message. After that I apply decode function and write the product of this decoding into a file named result.pdf. I don't know why but the file is incorrectly decoded and becomes very small and illegible (really doesn't have PDF format).

    Decoding manually the original file, I obtained a perfect PDF file. I know that I'm missing something, but I don't know what!.

    Any hints?,

    Ricard Bernat

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    Re:Receiving PDF files base64 encoded

    Hi again,

    no clues about this topic?. I read something about include that data in a CDATA tag but no more info.

    Any ideas?

    Ricard Bernat