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  • XML-izer at preprocessor stage

    Hi all,

    reading a lot of message I saw that it could be a good idea to add a XML-izer at preporcessor step. This is, there is a lot of people around developing code for XML-ize fixed length messages arriving to Mirth from text files, TCP connections and many more sources. At this point, it could be helpful a tool that it could cut this strings in many pieces and naming every piece could be XML-ized.

    For example, if I received this: 20080101BERNAT^RICARD 20080130US

    I could customize the "cuts"-> "20080101" as patient number, "BERNAT^RICARD " as patient name, "20080130" as date and "US" as ultrasound. Finally everything could be packed as a simple msg in a XML format, resulting:
    <XML>....bla, bla, bla....
    <patientname>BERNAT^RICARD </patientname>
    ...and so

    This could could speed up the most pity process that is XML-zing manually those messages.

    Ricard Bernat

    Post edited by: ricber, at: 01/31/2008 15:45