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number of messages sent out from Centricity MIK

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  • number of messages sent out from Centricity MIK

    To ensure that all messages are coming thru from MIK to Mirth without being lost, I need to find out how many messages are being sent out of centricity.

    Is there any way of checking the number of messages that have been sent out from Centricity/MIK?

    Thank you.

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    Re:number of messages sent out from Centricity MIK

    Hi! Glad to see another GE user around here.

    There are two places to monitor for what the MIK is attempting to do:

    - The MIK log, viewable from the ServerSetup tool or as a flat file. We use to monitor it manually and many of our installations have the MIK log being written to a Samba share so that we can monitor the logs from anywhere on the network. Mirth could very easily connect to the drive and monitor it as well.

    - The tables in the Centricity database that start with 'MIK'. I can't recall which one off the top of my head but the MIKEventLog looks promising.

    Please post back with your findings. My team and I have been threatening to replace the MIK with Mirth for a good year and a half and we're always eager to learn more about how the MIK works (or doesn't!) so we can better integrate with it.
    Jon Bartels

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      Re:number of messages sent out from Centricity MIK

      Thank you Jon.

      Was travelling, jus got back to reality. Sorry for the delayed response. Just downloaded 'tail for Win32' software. Hope to catch up wiht some findings soon.
      Shall keep you posted.



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        Re:number of messages sent out from Centricity MIK

        Just FYI:

        MIKEventLog is the table representing the send queue of GE Centricity/MIK.

        The # of rows in this table indicate data waiting to be sent out of the system.

        If you query this table and there are rows -- and there are errors... you can do an SQL update to reset the retries and take it out of errored state and have the MIK attempt to 'retry' to send them again... Oddly enough more times than naught, this will clear out that table and the MIk will "correctly" (I say it like that since the MIK rarely does anything correctly! hah!) create and send the messages...

        Best of my limited knowledge - the best way to tell the number of messages exported by the MIK is to do some regular expressions & line counting of the logfile. I know how to do that pretty easily on unix... to do it efficiently in Windows - that I don't know off the top of my head.