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Very slow to load Mirth in Linux

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  • Very slow to load Mirth in Linux

    I installed Mirth 1.7 beta on my linux box (ARCH - 2.6.23 with KDE).
    I didn't see any instructions as how it should start in linux, so:

    1) I just clicked the desktop icon which was created labelled Mirth Server, which opens a terminal and starts the server.
    2) Ran firefox http://myip:8080/ and get the screen with the button for launching the mirth administrator
    3) It asks me to download a java file webstart.jnlp, which gives a "starting java" bootscreen adn shortly after that the Mirth Adminstrator Login.

    So questions
    1) Is this correct, it seems slow and unweildy
    2) If I take my laptop home and its off the office network, it takes ages and ages to boot. I can go out and have a cup of coffee almost, and the server window just seems to hang, and then when it is running the launch mirth seems to take eons to find the java file it wants.

    Any suggestions?


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    Re:Very slow to load Mirth in Linux

    The first time you try to start the admin console, first it will download the .jlnp file, which shouldn't take too long, since it's a pretty small file (5K), but then, since it's your first time logging in, Java Webstart will have to download a huge amount of jar files to your local machine. Depending on your connection speed and server horsepower, this can really take some time.

    But it only happens the first time you do the download from a machine. After that, the jar files should already be there, and the admin UI should come up a bit faster.

    I access remote Mirth servers over a satellite connection (I live in a rural area and that is my only option for broadband), and so it can take a little while for the admin UI to initialize, but after the first jar download process, it seems to be reasonable.

    It could be reloading the jar files at home, the first time, if the internal versus external server names/url's are different. But again, after the first time starting up from home, it should be faster.

    Should be pretty fast if you're running the Mirth server on your local machine though, but keep in mind that laptops have very slow disk drives, so that it will probably take some time to boot up the Admin console, just having to access all the jars on the slow drive, plus the contention you'll get between the server process and the java-based client admin process. Might depend on how much memory you have in your machine and allocated to the java JVMs as well, so that might be worth looking into. The JVMs may be garbage collecting too much, or the OS could be thrashing a bit if the laptop is not tricked out with enough memory.

    Not sure what you mean by myip in the url. Are you running mirth server on your laptop? If that is the case, then you should use localhost:8080. Could be that if you are using myip (whatever that is) it's forcing the connection to go back to your office (over a VPN connection perhaps) and back again?

    Don't think it has anything to do with the fact you are running Linux though.

    I just ran a test on my laptop, with the latest 1.7 SVN build of Mirth. Running both Mirth Server and the Admin client and Firefox on the same laptop. My machine is a LG T1, with a 1.6ghz Core2Duo processor, 2.5GB memory, 4500rpm drive (pretty slow!) and running Ubuntu Linux (Gutsy, 7.10).

    Mirth server startup was only a few seconds, if that.

    First time I hit the localhost:8080 in Firefox, it took a bit less than 50 seconds to connect, do the java webstart stuff, download all the client-side/admin jars and present me with the login window. Once I logged in, it took about 10 seconds till I saw the Channels display, with all my running channels (3 of them).

    Second time I hit the URL, since the jars were already available, it took about 10 seconds till I got the login window.

    Hope some of this stuff helps you to track down what might be causing the excessive load times...running locally, even on a slower laptop drive it shouldn't take that long, as my tests tonight indicate.

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      Re:Very slow to load Mirth in Linux

      When firefox asks to download webstart.jnlp, where should this file be downloaded to?



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        Re:Very slow to load Mirth in Linux

        That's a Java WebStart file. You should tell FireFox to open the file with the javaws program. In my case, that's at /usr/local/jdk1.5.0_04/jre/javaws/javaws.


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          Re:Very slow to load Mirth in Linux

          That did it!
          Thanks for your help.