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What should $MANAGER_HOME be set to?

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  • What should $MANAGER_HOME be set to?

    I've checked out the 1.6.1 TAG and have tried building it by copying build.bat-template to build.bat, substituting for $SERVER_HOME, $CLIENT_HOME and $MANAGER_HOME according to my local situation.

    The first 2 of these substitutions is straightforward - the checkout reveals a server and client directory. However I see no 'manager' equivalent. Looking further I don't see any manager directory (other than untagged on 'trunk') after version 1.5.0 (and that also fails to build because there is no server/webapp/lib directory, amongst other issues).

    Has anyone outside of the Mirth developers managed to checkout and build a version of Mirth? If so, some guidance would be greatly appreciated - I've been struggling with this for several days now and it looks to me as if Mirth simply doesn't build. I must be missing something but it's not at all apparent what.