What I'm doing is basically using an ADT feed that's already in place, pointing it to mirth, then sending it on to the machine it was originally poining to. I'm planning on setting up another destination to do some other things. I just wanted to get the data through the server. I'm sending raw data via llp. The only difference between the source data and the data sent out is the "^" vs. the ";" right after MSH:
and it doesn't seem to work. I've tried running a preprocessing script to replace the "^" with the ";" but that doesn's work either. Anyone have any idea what this character does and why I can't make the data send the same way it was recieved?


MSH:;~\&:HBO:A:SUPPLYSCAN:A:200801161253::ADT;A08; 41:1202306:P:2.2:1202306::AL::

MSH:^~\&:HBO:A:SUPPLYSCAN:A:200801161253::ADT;A08; 41:1202306:P:2.2:1202306::AL::