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  • Importing Messages

    I had some messages that erred and would like to export/import to a different channel. I export to a file fine. On the subsequent import the dialog box states "All messages have been successfully imported" but I don't see them in the dashboard. Am I messing something?


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    Re:Importing Messages

    Messages have nothing to do with stats on the dashboard. Check message browser for messages.
    Brendan Haverlock | Mirth Software Engineer | Mirth Corporation


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      Re:Importing Messages

      Hi gauchomike,

      I had the same problem too. I imported the messages but I couldnt see them. In the message browser I defined a bigger period of time (End Time - Start-time). The defaults are not ok. And then I clicked on "Search" and all my imported messages appeared.




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        Re:Importing Messages

        I think I understand where the confusion is coming from.

        The documentation describes the message import process as such:
        "Imports messages from a file and processes them as input messages to the channel."

        But, at least with my personal experience and using the mirth format export, the channel doesn't seem to reprocess these messages. The imported message only seem to store for later review via the message browser.

        I actually prefer this behavior, but would like to know if this is the intended behavior or not.




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          Message Tasks > Import Messages - what's it for?

          I have several hl7 message v2 files on my local disk for testing/learning, and I have attempted to use this feature. In each case, the dialog box that appears is able to navigate to the folder and -after changing the file type option to "All" - select the file, but the result of clicking the "Open" button on the file dialog is an error dialog like so:


          No messages were found in the file.

          On the other hand, when I am browsing an HL7 message in the "Channel Messages" view using the "Message" dialog window, I can open the same files using that dialog's "Open text file..." button.