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  • Use external demographics server

    We want to use an external demographics server. The reason for doing that is to be more secure. If some one steel our medical data they don't have fun of it because they don't have the mapping betewwen the medical data and the patients name.

    The idea is this :

    1) Mirth Receives a HL7 message,
    2) Mirth goes with the Patient ID (PID) to the demographics server
    3) The Demographics server gives Mirth a other Patient ID back
    4) Mirth passes the original HL7 request with the new PID to our database

    The example is quite simple, it will be more complex is the PID does not exist in the demographics server. In that case the demograpics server have to ask our database for a PID and but that PID back intoe the demograpics server and make a makking to the original PID.

    My question is this posible, and if yes how. I guess step 2 and 3 are posible with a database connection, but I would like use rather SOAP instead of a DB connection.

    Kindest Regards,

    Alessandro Torrisi

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    Re:Use external demographics server

    Yes this is possible. You'll need a few channels

    - recieve an HL7 message and send a SOAP request to the demographics server that channel will send its response to
    - another channel that takes the SOAP response from the demog server and sends it into your appliciation
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