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HL7messge to HTML file creation

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  • HL7messge to HTML file creation

    Hi, I am new to MIRTH and I am using MIRTH 1.6.
    I have some questions:
    1- Can I convert HL7 messages to HTML files using transformer.
    2- I have set up a channel 'LLP server' to 'File writer'. On receiving the HL7 message, it writes the the message to text file.I want to go beyond this... I want to create separate files for separate patients (MSH).. How can i do this if i receive a HL7 message with multiple MSH?

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    Re:HL7messge to HTML file creation

    I have done it by myself. all needed is to add HTML tags while saving file in folder with connector type 'file writer' in Destination.(yes you also first need to perform Mapping to Hl7 messges in transformer.)

    See attached file or image.




    Medical Record Number = ${Medical_Record_No} <br>



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