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SOAP calls timing out

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  • SOAP calls timing out

    We have a listener channel that receives HL7 messages and sends certain ones to another Mirth channel.
    The data is parsed and we use a Javascript code template to create a SOAP call to our application.

    In summary we are getting a lot (nearly everyone we make) of web service calls failing with a timeout error.
    When we attempt to do the same web service call from Soap UI it processes it OK, which makes us think that it is to do with the Soap Call being generated by Mirth. (Code Templates that make the call available if required).
    We have the Soapconnection.Close method always being used, but when we monitor the number of calls on the web service end, we see an initial spike to 25 (the current limit) and then only increments of 1 at irregular periods, which we think indicates the call timing out and being closed.
    Is there a way of disposing with the connection as well as closing it?
    Or are there any other ideas and suggestions as to what might be causing this and things that we can add in (or remove) to allow these connections to process in a timely manner.