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  • Messages stuck in queue

    Scratching my head on this one...

    I had a bunch (1000+) of messages in persistent queues (Mirth on Linux) waiting for a receiver. I set up the same Mirth version on a Win2K box, defined a LLP receiver w/file writer out. When the channel was deployed, almost all of the messages went across as expected. However....

    Twelve messages seem to be stuck with a QUEUED status on the sending machine. They're in four different channels, all of which have sent other messages w/o problem. Examples: one channel has 72 received, 71 sent, and 1 queued. Another channel has 25 received, 20 sent, and 5 queued.

    If I filter down to queued messages in the dashboard, I can hit "reprocess message" on a stalled message, and a copy goes across, but the original stays in place.

    In two of the channels, there are five queued messages in each. In each channel, the message with the oldest time stamp shows:

    ERROR-408: MLLP Connector error
    ERROR MESSAGE: Socket write exception Connection refused
    This can be explained due to the fact that while the 1000+ messages were being processed, I stopped and restarted the receiving channel a few times to make a few changes. The other four messages in the channel show no errors.

    I've restarted both copies of Mirth - not getting any errors or even indications that it's trying to send these messages. As far as I can tell, they're simply being ignored by the sender.

    Any ideas?

    Thanks, Mike

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    Re:Messages stuck in queue


    In one of the queues with five stuck messages, I removed the message that had the LLP connection rejected error. Let it sit for a few minutes, and nothing changed with the remaining four messages.

    I shut down the Win2K receiver a few minutes ago, and haven't yet seen any errors on the sending side showing "connection rejected". (If everything was working correctly, I should have gotten some errors.)

    Appears these messages are in limbo-land...


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      Re:Messages stuck in queue

      The "real" queued messages are saved under the .mule dir (in the mirth installation dir). Each channel creates a dir, and queued messages are saved in that dir.

      Sometimes, especially when a channel is restarted the messages are sent, but the queued counter is not decremented.

      So: check the content of the .mule dir. If there is no message, then this is a statistic error. ┬┐Could you post it to the JIRA?


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        Re:Messages stuck in queue

        Just checked - it was still showing the same number of queued messages, and there are no files (just empty directories) in the .mule directory. I'll post the stats error in JIRA.

        Thanks for the info.

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