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    Has anyone implemented a keep alive message in HL7? My application occasionally goes overnight without any traffic so I was asked to return an ACK to a location specific HL7 message that gets sent when there is no traffic. I don't believe there is a message type for this purpose, is there? Any thoughts would be appreciated.
    Peter Johnson

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    Re:keep alive message


    I have been working with HL7 for the past 21/2 years but never seen any message type for keep alive messages.
    I would like to know one thing, Does any application goes down.??

    Are you guys to trying to bring the connection up once its timesout after a certain idletime out.?? If yes, then I have an idea to bring your connection up with out the HL7 message. You could set a schedule ping/telnet to bring connection back up with the remote party.

    Just thinking loud. please ignore this if you already know this.


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      Re:keep alive message

      I have a client whose socket is being closed after an hour of inactivity. I've checked all local settings, firewall and VPN configs on our side and everything appears to be infinite (or at least larger than an hour) timeout.

      They claim the same for their end but its hard to verify. A simple solution would be some kind of keep alive message that gets sent every half hour or so. We use the LLP Connector (Server) and they connect their client up to it.

      Is there any way to get that done?