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  • Mirth DB Reader\File Writer Writing One Message\Poll

    Hey All:

    I've been using mirth for awhile..and encountered this strange error starting this week..
    I am pulling from an external DB and writing to a simple .txt
    I can't figure out what I've done to change the settings but every time Mirth polls and reads the database, it writes one message...then re-polls the entire database and writes another, one message per poll.
    What it used to do was write the entire batch before a new poll (~2000 messages).

    Any thoughts?
    Thanks Much!

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    Which version of Mirth are you using?


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      I'm using Mirth


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        I should probably be a little more specific
        I generally have not had a problem pulling between 2k and 70k rows from a database table and writing them to a file. The speed was generally good.
        When I had mirth pull from a table that has millions of records (even though I was still only pulling between 2k and 70k records, I restricted my query) the speed is abysmal....A message processed a minute, and I can't for the life of me figure out why.


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          1) I would build some indexes to speed up the search results.
          2) Cut and paste the query from mirth into the database and see what results you get. You may have limited it to the point that you are only get one message at a time.


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            I've built a couple indexes. When I run the query outside of Mirth it pulls the proper amount of records but it takes ~40 seconds.
            Does Mirth have a upper time limit to which it can run a query?

            Thank you so much for your help, by the way!


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              Can you post your channel here?


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                Do you have 'Append to file' selected on your Destination writer? And what are you using for your Destination File Name?


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                  Yuppo I have "append to file "
                  I have attached the file.
                  Thank you all!
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