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HTTP Sender not working

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  • HTTP Sender not working

    I am new to Mirth Connect and I am using version 3.1.1 under Linux.

    I am trying to use Mirth to pick up an XML file and use the contents of that file to create a HTTP GET request with query parameters. I would like the output from the HTTP response to be written to another file.

    The inbound data type of the source is XML and all of the other data types are Raw.

    I have a source connector of type File Reader, with multiple transformers to create channel map variables from elements and/or attributes of the XML input file.

    I have the first destination connector of type HTTP Sender, using method GET, with a URL whose components are partially comprised of channel map variables. I also have a couple of query parameters, again using values from the channel map variables.

    The second and last destination connector is of type File Writer. This is set to wait on the previous destination.

    When I deploy my channel and drop a properly formatted XML file into the File Reader's directory, the file is picked up as expected. However, no HTTP request is ever sent and I do not see any type of response or error.

    In the Dashboard, the Received and Filtered counts are incremented but the other counts (Queued, Sent, Errored) remain at zero. If I click on View Messages under Source, I can see the XML file's contents under Raw and Transformed. Under Response, it shows "ERROR" as the status.

    I've tried increasing the logging levels in conf/, but I don't see anything useful in mirth.log. I've also searched these forums to no avail.

    How can I determine why it's not working?