Mirth Connect 4.1.0 Released!

Mirth Connect 4.1.0 is now available as an appliance update and on our GitHub page. Mirth Connect 4.1.0 includes new features such as new event log messages, additional fields to the Welcome to Mirth Connect screen, new information included in alerts as well as many smaller changes, updates, and improvements. This release also contains several improvements to commercial extensions. See the release notes for the list of fixes and updates.

Download | See What's New | Upgrade Guide | Release Notes

For discussion on this release, see this thread.
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  • SOAP Listener


    I'm trying to use the webservice from Mirth, which already works fine. I send a Message to the Listener and get a reply.

    However the reply only consists of "Message: 44a62bac-0239-44d0-a33d-0847a88c856d has been successfully received", but I want to receive a HL7 ACK or a RQI^I03 response (RPR) message.

    Is there a possibility?


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    Re:SOAP Listener

    To get the answered message, add a new destination. From each a destination, you have access to the answer of the previous endpoints


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      Re:SOAP Listener

      Consequently it is not possible to get the reply message itsself using the webservice from Mirth? I have to implement my own webservice to receive the messages from a destination?

      It that case my idea would be to map the needed functions implemented in HAPI (or nHAPI) to a webservice which then can be fully used as an interface by extern applications.

      Or is this functionality already in Mirth in some kind?



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        Re:SOAP Listener

        I'll try to explain better:

        If what you want is to consume a remote WS, and process its response, this can be done with Mirth.

        The idea is to use two Destinations. The first one ("Destination 1")will be a SOAP Sender, and it objetive will be to invoke the WS, building the SOAP message. This Destination is basically what you have done yet.

        The second Destination will process the Web Service Response, so you can use a File Write or a channel writter with None selected. At the transformer of this new destination, you can access to the "Destination 1" response (which is the WS response). Then you'll have to process the HL7 message using the Javascript at the the "Destination 2" transformer.

        So, AFAIK, all you want is defined in Mirth.


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          Re:SOAP Listener

          I'm not sure, if I have expressed myself correctly.

          I want to write a webservice client sending a hl7 message/request. Therefore I have a Mirth SOAP Listener configured (which passes the message on to a e.g. LLP connection). The Listener only returns a "Message: 44a62bac-0239-44d0-a33d-0847a88c856d has been successfully received" string, but I want to receive a hl7 ACK or some other hl7 message response.

          Multiple clients will use this service and Mirth should not be installed on every client. Mirth only should act as a "translator" from any kind of hl7 source to the clients through a webservice.

          Or did I misunderstand your reply?