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multiple channel error handling and logging

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  • multiple channel error handling and logging

    I am configuring Mirth 1.6.2750 to handle HL7 connections to multiple sites, each one a different inbound or outbound channel. Other than the Mirth administration event viewer or channel message viewers, is there a way to view the notifications of success or failure and subsequent error messages generated based on channel?

    In other words: Is there a way to access each channel error log discretely? I would like to build individual logs for each channel, so that I could display them to non-administrators and other sys admins. I see that I can write log statements, etc, but it seems that this is already done within the Alert section. Is there a way to gather the alert information before it's assembled as an email?

    Thanks for any discussion or help!


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    I am looking for something similar. Does anyone have answer to the above question please?